Welcome! Welcome!

Come one, Come all!

Enjoy my ramblings on books, bookish things, and rhetoric and composition!

I’ve tried starting blogs several times, but I could never think of content to post so those blogs just kind of sat there…doing nothing…contributing nothing. But then I thought…hey! Why can’t I just create a blog for me? If others find my posts and enjoy them, yay!, but if they don’t, I’ll at least have an outlet for my thoughts. Well… at least an outlet for longer posts than Instagram offers. So! Here I am, giving background and trying to think of what I want to say next. Hopefully, I will keep up with this blog, even if it turns strictly to reviews.

To start, I want to set up a running challenge for myself during the month of March. You’re more than welcome to join in on the fun. I want to use the hashtag #MarchGalleyMadness in the hopes I can hold myself accountable to getting as may NetGalley approvals and ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) read during the month of March. For those of you that may not know what NetGalley is, it’s a place where you can request books, most of the time yet to be published books, from publisher in exchange for an honest review. I’ve found that it’s a great way to build relationships with publishers, find obscure titles you probably wouldn’t find otherwise, and find new authors to read!

The reason I’m wanting to start this self-imposed challenge is because I need a way of catching up on galleys that are sent my way and getting better about posting reviews once I finish a book. Hopefully! This blog will help with doing those things. Below are a few physical books I have on hand that I need to read!

So is there anything that you would like to see from me?


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